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The Mather Robinson Band

“A prime cut of English folk rock … carve yourself a slice!”

The Mather Robinson Band are a four-piece folk rock band comprising four voices accompanied by mandolin, acoustic guitar, acoustic fretless bass and flutes & whistles. They sing exciting, original and wide-ranging material from contemporary political commentaries and towering anthems to ‘traditional-esque’ love songs.

Exceptional musicianship, breath-taking vocals and mesmeric harmonies combine with vibrant stage energy and instantly compelling original songs that are rooted firmly in the English folk tradition. The Mather Robinson Band are complete folk-rock entertainers. Onstage, the band’s wealth of experience shines through as they engage and delight their audiences with relaxed storytelling and wry good humour before unveiling a stunning succession of self-penned songs that dance on the ear and live long in the memory. Driving bass patterns, intricate guitars and mandolins, soaring flute solos and commanding vocals with or 4 part harmonies,

“The Mather Robinson Band rock folk as it should be rocked – punching vocals, soaring flutes, driving guitars, pulsing bass.”