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The Craic Addicts

We asked The Craic Addicts to sum up their style of music.

‘Phunked-Up Trad, Old-Time Grooves & Folked-Up Pop!’ they answered.  ‘No, we said, no idea what that means. “Psycho-Celtic World folk?” they tried again. ‘Nope, still not getting it’. ‘Traditional Irish, American Old-Time and World Folk?’ ‘Ahh OK, we like that’, we said, ‘and you can do some of that Phunked up stuff as well if you like, but only after the watershed.’

Based in Sligo, Ireland, The Craic Addicts have a unique slant on the world of folk music, that brings elements from their 5 individual, colourful and diverse music backgrounds into one entity.

Driven by a passion for traditional Irish music and inspired by the eclecticism of old music-hall shows, they all contribute to a wide variety of energetic songs and instrumentals from around the world.

Their shows are lively and interesting, with great audience interaction and full of humorous and accomplished musical dynamism.

Should be Phun!