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Reg Meuross

Reg Meuross’s clever and imaginative lyrics have earned him the title of  “Master Storyteller” and led Mike Harding to introduce him onto the stage of The Royal Albert Hall as  “one of the finest singer-songwriters this country has produced”.

Whether it’s a village hall or the Albert Hall, Reg brings to the stage a collection of extremely beautiful songs, performed with humour and depth, and sung with the voice of an angel. He has that rare gift of being able to touch people, through his songs and performance, on a really human level.

His words and music paint pictures that remain with the listener long after the song has been sung.

Reg first emerged onto the acoustic music scene in the 1980s with The Panic Brothers and has, over the years of touring and playing solo as well as with many other acclaimed artists, developed a style that as Pete Townshend says “allows the listener to embrace the whole breadth of his work over many years without distraction. he sings in the neutral accent of an Englishman who travels the entirety of the British Isles, and tastes all its flavours, influenced by all its most profound national colours. In this he reminds one of Roy Harper or Ewan McColl, recent greats who went before him.”

In 1996 Reg released his first critically acclaimed solo album ‘The Goodbye Hat’ and was nominated for several music awards, including best song for ‘Ring around the Roses’. Since then there have been 10 more albums, including ENGLAND GREEN & ENGLAND GREY, the title track of which was described as an anthem for our times, and which was awarded “Best of 2014” by FolkWords.

After 10 album releases Reg Meuross has returned to the solo format which inspired him to write and sing in the first place. DECEMBER, a collection of

10 of the most beautiful songs which go straight to the heart, and according to Robin Denelow of the Guardian “.sounds like a forgotten, American 60s classic with echoes of Dylan, Tom Paxton & Leonard Cohen” Robin Denslow, The Guardian

Further tributes to his skill and sensitivity include:

“Calling Meuross a singer-songwriter really doesn’t do the man justice. Meuross doesn’t write lines of lyrics. He writes short stories then sets them to some of the most captivating melodies you’ll ever hear.” Pennyblack Music.

“Perceptive..beautiful and intelligent songs.Stunning!” Mike Harding “.beautiful” Iain Anderson BBC Radio Scotland  “Intelligent and thought-provoking songs, beautifully made and skilfully delivered” The Times “Meuross, quite simply, is one of the best”  Malcolm Carter, Pennyblack Music