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Hyde Family Jam

The UK busking scene has generated some fabulously talented and entertaining performers, and these guys are a great example. Formed in 2014, Hyde Family Jam are a traditional arrangement of guitar, double bass, accordion, and violin with a passion for delivering blisteringly subverted renditions of well-known songs. With each member already a capable musician in their own right they quickly found this new combination had legs…and wings… and probably teeth.


Like all families they are a mixed bunch, comprising former fugal horn player and jazz trumpeter Ben Crosthwaite (accordion), classically trained Rupert Engledow (violin), former actor John Holt-Roberts (guitar and lead vocals) and artwork designer and illustrator Kai West (double bass).


After testing this confection in late-night pubs and bars, to riotous responses, they matured into a full-time busking band and since 2016 have been delighting crowds nationwide at weddings, parties and corporate events. The boys recorded and released their third CD “It’s Alive” and now look forward to making a wonderful racket in at Costa Del Folk Portugal.