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Dark Horses

When the very talented and funny Keith Donnelly agreed to come and perform for us we could not resist the idea of a two for one deal – so we asked him if he would do at least one set with our own very talented and entertaining Flossie, in their guise of the fabulous duo ‘Dark Horses.

Flossie met Keith in 2001 at the Spring Thing Festival in Darlington and they soon became firm friends. She liked his songs, he liked her style… not long after that, they decided to team up and started playing folk festivals together, simply stunning people in the process with their material… which inspired Keith to name their duo ‘Dark Horses’.

They have done three major tours so far, one supporting Fairport Convention on their Winter Tour in 2010 and two Australian tours in 2011 and 2015.

We’d like to welcome Keith to his first Costa!