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The group Churchfitters was founded in 1978 by singer/songwriter Anthony McCartan from Belfast and multi-instrumentist Geoff Coombs from Essex.

Rosie Short joined soon after its formation having previously been playing in a London-based traditional Irish outfit. During the years that followed, the group frequently changed its line-up making a point of always including members from diverse musical backgrounds in order to maintain a fresh and original approach to Irish music. They enjoyed great success on the East Anglian folk scene before slimming down to a duo (Anthony and Rosie) in order to tour extensively throughout Europe and even as far as Australia.

In 1993 the duo decided to move to Brittany and was joined by Rosie’s brother Chris who had been in London playing in World, Irish and Bluegrass groups. From their base in Brittany they then toured as a trio throughout France and Europe until Anthony’s departure in early 2004.

With the arrival of Boris Lebret (double bass and percussion) and Topher Loudon (vocals and guitar), the group’s tradition of breaking with the more classic treatment of folk music has been upheld. In 2012, Topher left the band and they were joined by Nelson (vocals and percussion) whose rock background combined with Boris’s experience with diverse styles of contemporary music create the driving rythmns over which Chris and Rosie’s more melodic and folky styles are laid.