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Blackbeard’s Tea Party


Blackbeard’s Tea Party were among the attractions at the very first Costa del Folk in Spain in the Spring of 2014. Since then they’ve played at festivals as diverse as Glastonbury, Cambridge, Fairport’s Cropredy Convention and the Rainforest World Music Festival in Borneo.

Well now they’re back at the Costa del Folk  with their unique brand of gutsy folk rock and a headline appearance in Portugal this October.

That means a mix of traditional and self-penned songs with playful arrangements and driving dance rhythms in their engaging, high-octane stage show that invariably leaves audiences cheering for more. Grounded in English traditions, but never afraid to explore more exotic musical avenues, Blackbeard’s Tea Party mix fiddles & squeezeboxes, guitar noise & synth bass, and a feast of international hand percussion to bring you an unforgettable folk-rock extravaganza.

Whether playing a raucous concert slot or performing as a high energy ceilidh band, both of which will be on the agenda for the Costa del Folk, they create a sound that is in equal parts tasty, dramatic and danceable.

Whether they’ll repeat the big finish they introduced at the first festival when they ended their set by all jumping in the swimming pool remains to be seen.